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Chak Chak Chak is pronounced like a bird tweet / sound . Is used when in a situation as followed

When a person is trying to test you i.e wanting to fight , annoy or distract you , then to say : 'Bitch Chak Chak Chak '

Also could be used when: you are getting really angry / pissed off and are ready to fight someone and your warning / squaring up situation you'd use 'Bitch Chak Chak Chak'

Basically just meaning - you are either wanting , or going to fight someone and that is how you get cheeky
Like This Mandem Was Tryina Test Me Init- So I Had To Bitch Chak Chak Chak her/ him

Person 1: Catch Me Outside , How Bout Dat
Person 2 : SafeThen - Now !How Bout Dat ? Bitch Chak Chak Chak
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by Marnikinz Comrie June 09, 2017
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