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Bishuism or self claimed Bishuist, Is an idea or mindset that believes in self growth/preservation over other people.
Bishuists believe that the only person who truly matters in one's life is themselves. They rarely get involved with other people's problems as they try to conquer their own and the best thing one can do is build money and assets.

Bishuists rarely get married or have children as it drains resources they could have used on themselves. A bishuists finances, time, and career/business growth is his or hers best friend.

At the end of the day we're all bishuists sometimes. Sooner or later you realise that person in the mirror is the only one you have to make happy
Jim: " I asked John for some money or to atleast take a day off work to help me out. He refused again, so selfish!"

Greg: " He's a Bishuist dude, all about the hustle "

Jim: " Darn Bishuism "
by MoneyMan4711 May 29, 2018
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