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a school in downtingtown, although known for its shanahoes - it is not what the ignorant asshole from the first deffinition makes it seem like. it is actually a school much better than coatsville and the author aboveprobly got denied for being an inbred retard. yes we have shanahoes but inside that slutty outside exterior is sometimes a nice person. and by all means i can garuntee you that not all kids think sex drugs and alcohal are such horrible things. you'd probly be surprised. and one thing i can garuntee you is that no one wishes they went to coatsville - no body. honestly shanahan sucks with rules - but its a kickass place to go to school and the outside party scene is rockin. if it was so bad why would coatsville kids come to shanahan - its certainly not cause the wouldnt do well at coatsville - they just dont like being surrounded by retards. so if you want a chill place to go to school and see girls sluttin it up in unifroms - go to shanahan
kid 1:should i go to bishop shanahan or coatsville

kid 2:yeah i was thinking about that too. but then i didnt wana be a punk ass coatsville bitch like all the other kids that go there

kid 1: what do u mean?

kid 2: well all the kids there think they're so hard and gangster - they'd shit themselves if ever presented with a gun and i dont rele feel like gettin aids from all the sluts out there

kid 1: oh good point - ill go to nishop shanahan so that doesnt happen
by bishop shanahan mutha fucka January 09, 2010
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A school that needs to get the fuck out of the public school sports divison, it’ll do us all a favor.
That school that is β€œPublic” but recruits kids to play lacrosse that don’t understand algebra 1 is Bishop Shanahan.
by homosexual harry March 06, 2019
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a catholic school in downingtown. the school is home to a bunch of shannahoes. this school fucking sucks because all the kids there are kids who wish they could be a gangster from coatesville. but really they are all these white kids who come from families with money who think that drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex are bad. all the shanahoes try to rebel and act like badasses because they wish they could be like a coatesville kid. but they arent. bishop shanahan blows.....a lot.
Kid 1: I met this kid that goes to Bishop Shanahan. He seems pretty cool.
Kid 2: Are you fucking kidding me? Shanahan is for Shanahoes.
Kid 1: No, hes really cool.
Kid 2: Does he act like a gangster?
Kid 1: Well, sort of.
Kid 2: Then he fucking sucks.
by ahdfjk;la sdhf September 16, 2007
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