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Well Wishes written on facebook pages for friends and family's birthdays.

A substitute for Birthday cards.
"Dude,Just wanted to write you birthday wall post, happy birthday you are the bombest!"

Birthday wall posts rules:
1. Short birthday wishes should be posted to the wall, longer birthday wishes should be sent as messages so as to keep the wall space interesting, and avoid irritating the birthday wall-post stalkers.
2. One should read all other birthday wishes before posting a new one so as to avoid repitition, however, in some cases, a simple two-worded "Happy Birthday" can be appropriate. excample: (1)You don't know the person very well. (2)You don't but you're just saying happy birthday cause you're bored. (3)You havn't talked to them in a year or more. (4)You met in Yoville.
3. NEVER write your birthday wish in the form a comment of agreement with someone els's post. ie: Person writes birthday wish and you comment "Yeah".
4. Keep in mind that everyone knows the birthday song so it is not necessary to write it out.
5. Don't post belated birthday wishes. Just pretend you weren't online to see the notification.
by blambalino May 09, 2010
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