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Noun. Everybody knows their birthday, but there is exists an event called Birthday Time (coined by Ryan Nguyen).

This event occurs twice a day, everyday and is unique to each person's birthday, i.e. 2:16 am is Ryan's birthday time because he was born on the 16th of February.

You celebrate somebody's birthday time by shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIME!" and singing the following Birthday Time Haiku (written by Ryan Nguyen):

Be really happy
Because it is your birthday
But just one minute

Birthday times are especially special when it turns someone's birthday time on their actual birthday day. In these cases, you should sing the birthday time haiku with extra enthusiasm and make sure to remind the recipient that this moment only occurs twice a year to make them feel even more special.

Remember, you only have one minute.
Example 1:
Ryan: "Damn, I should get to bed, its already past my birthday time and I have 8 am class tomorrow..."

Person: "Meh, you've still got time. At least its not pi time yet."

Example 2:

Person: "what the fu--?"

Ryan: "Be really happy! Because it is your birthday! BUT JUST ONE MINUTE!! yaaay :D"

Person: "Thanks?"
by rynguy December 28, 2012
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