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A woman who is physically "inflated" from the usage of birth control. Unfortunately all of the negative symptoms (weight gain, larger breasts, blood clots, etc.) have affected her, unlike some women who may not experience some or all the symptoms. The woman will appear chubbier or fatter than ever with a round or apple-shaped figure, her breasts are plump but sagging from tenderness, and she has a muffin top; however, on the bright side, her skin is radiantly clear.

A birth control casuality can also be a woman who smoked and took birth control or did not take her birth control properly and ended up pregnant. Poor things.

Eva was mad after taking birth control for two years. She is shaped like a pear, her love handles seem to flop over her pants, her arms are flabby and what little boobs are left seem to scrape the floor. However, her acne has disappeared. Poor girl is a Birth Control Casuality . Oh well, once again at least her skin's cleared up.
Birth Control Casuality
by tbd80 November 15, 2010
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