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Being romantically attracted to both genders, but does not have sexual attraction.
I'm biromantic asexual, so I'll date a girl or a guy but won't have sex.
by Ilikeplaid June 26, 2015
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A person who is romantically attracted to two genders , not necessarily male and female. A biromantic asexual is usually lacking interest in having sex, but may do it to please their partner.
Being asexual does not always mean you lack the interest of sex completely, in some cases it could just be certain aspects of it.
Me: My flag is so cool, it has a heart on it. (shows photo)

Friend: What does that flag mean?
Me: It means I'm biromantic asexual.
Friend: What does that mean?
Me: It'd be easier for you to look it up than for me to explain it to you because you will ask too many questions and will not understand it if I explain it.
(Both of us go our separate ways)
Me at home: Know what? I'm going to make an account on urban dictionary and write my own definition for it.

*True story*
by zyxxo June 06, 2019
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