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A place in Manchester. Also known as a brothel / student accomodation. Often girls who are on their periods frequent these parts after bop with Maria. All the girls are seriously hot but the guys not so much. Well known for housing the worst alcoholics in the country. Also known for people not being able too hold their drinks. People here are frequently sick in their sinks (they also piss in them).
I wanna bring my homies back to birley there's always a party there
Man Birley Block is Bangin
My mattress got lost in Birley Block
i picked up a HOT girl in Birley last night
Yer i live in Birley

Notable alumni:
Mohammad Ali:~ "danced more gracefully, and stung more viciously than ANY motherfucker"
Mother Theresa
Jesus (in our shed round back)
Steve Irwin (born and died in birley)

by birley bros and hoes March 18, 2009
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