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A bipolar shopper is a person who when shopping buys clothing or accessories from a very expensive and high class store or boutique, then goes into another store that sells very cheap and low value clothes with 3-5 bags from one very expensive store just to show off how much they shop and all the money they have. After they enter the store, they buy very little items, still holding all the bags.
Lady enters Abercrombie & Fitch and spends 200-400$---

Lady gets into car and drives to WalMart---

Lady goes into WalMart with 4 bags she could have left in the car---

Lady struts around like she owns the world with her high class shopping---

Lady buys fake wannabe converse and a snickers---

Lady does not want to spend 6$ so she leaves the chocolate bar---

Lady leaves the store having spent 350$ at A&F and $4.72 at WalMart for fake low quality shoes.

Guy says to one guy- DAMN. That is one BIPOLAR SHOPPER. :O
Guy2 replies- Yeah..:D
Guy3- I bet you I can steal her purse...>.> lol
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