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Developed by Digital Extremes and published by 2K games.

The vast majority of the High Ranking players pick the cheap Electrobolt/Elephant Gun loadout, which requires zero skill to use. Any loadouts that are effective against countering these players are considered "noob" and bawwww/ragequit about them only for them to use it themselves.

Instead of allowing the player to host a server on the PC version and pick whatever they want, the developers, much like most of the ones in the past 2 years (see Modern Warfare 2), got dropped on the head and decided to use a match maker, which typically puts the player in matches that are almost over or with scores such as 490-10 and placing the player on the losing team or in matches with the host lagging and disconnecting everyone.

A Map Pack the Rapture Metro was released in May 11 2010 for Multiplayer. In it contains 6 new maps for user's enjoyment. Unlike the Tester Pack or the Character Map Pack, which were already included in the original game files (you still had to pay money just to use them), not everyone has the DLC. As a result they never show up on the match maker. 2K officials have promised a future patch giving a DLC map loadout but no patch was ever developed. In addition, the last DLC "Minerva's Den" was not released on the PC.

The overall lack of polish in Bioshock 2's multiplayer mode may have contributed to an annoucement that Bioshock Infinite may not have multiplayer shipped with it upon it's release.
Player 1: "Well Bioshock 2's Multiplayer was one of the biggest disappointments of my life. I spent $10 on the DLC map pack and I learned I can't even play it 99% of the time."

Player 2: "Stfu go play it on a private match"
by Quantumity October 07, 2010
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