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A word that is used as a less offensive alternative for bitch, but its slightly more offensive than frick. This words not really considered a bad word but is more considered an insult or a mean word. This can be used as a greeting as well. Plural: Biochidos
Pronounciation: Bee-oh-cheh-doh
Example 1
Tony: Yo, what up biochidos?
Bruce: Yo what up, my mang?
Will: Ey, How's goin dude?
Example 2
Stacy: Ugh, Patricia is such a biochido, she frickin stole that hot boy that was gonna be my boyfriend.
Brooke: Ikr? They need to just break up, y'know?
Stacy: Yeah, they really should.
by Pixelo June 16, 2018
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