1.Binged(Bing-hd): -When Microsoft's bing.com provides unrelated search results.

2.Bingers(Bing-erz): - Chronic users of bing.com, know for off topic rebuttals in daily conversation. -Also refers to an insomniac that cannot sleep because he/she endlessly follows unrelated bing.com results instead of sleeping.

3.Binging(Bing-engh): -The act of attempting repeated internet searches via bing.com with the expectation of valid search results.

1. "Cal loves to get binged by Microsoft"

2. "Bill is a Binger. I used his laptop and his homepage is bing.com."

3. "I have been awake for over 68hrs; binging the local weather."
by MECO July 27, 2009
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