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1.Binged(Bing-hd): -When Microsoft's provides unrelated search results.

2.Bingers(Bing-erz): - Chronic users of, know for off topic rebuttals in daily conversation. -Also refers to an insomniac that cannot sleep because he/she endlessly follows unrelated results instead of sleeping.

3.Binging(Bing-engh): -The act of attempting repeated internet searches via with the expectation of valid search results.

1. "Cal loves to get binged by Microsoft"

2. "Bill is a Binger. I used his laptop and his homepage is"

3. "I have been awake for over 68hrs; binging the local weather."
by MECO July 27, 2009
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An unconsented search by Microsoft
You type in your address bar to access your IP printer. Instead of getting “Server not found” error message when your printer does not respond because it is off, you instead get BINGED. The lesson is that Microsoft knows better than you in what you want. Obviously you really wanted to see the “IP Whois report” or see the “GeoIPTool” rather than knowing your printer is offline.
by Garreth Jones May 13, 2013
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pronounced BEENJD.. means being really blazed or having blazed alot and being pretty high.. its way lope
"yo dude diego's so binged its crazy!"
by killah d January 19, 2008
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Verb. Meaning to search something on bing. Similar to the word "googled"
When I binged myself, a Canadian singer came up as the first result.
by mightymunch11 January 26, 2011
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