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During conversation, a word or phrase may be said that makes you automatically think of something else you recently came across and you then blurt out the information, although it may have no relevance to the present discussion.

Such as on the Bing search engine adverts. A side effect of search overload syndrome.
"I'm going to see New Young Pony Club at a festival this summer!"

"My little cousin has just started at a pony club, she's 6 years old."

"You just had a Bing moment!"
by Annachy89 May 18, 2010
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Because google stopped trying to direct to porn and now no porn images are allowed on google images, when you need to look up something dirty and want to get relevant results, also you know you're giving your "sensitive" search data to a company that knows less about you, you go to AKA The site nobody uses except for porn
A definiton alone wasn't doing it, so I needed some visual evidence/explanation of "The Canadian Firetruck" so it looked like it was a bing moment

#1 "Did you see that hilarious gif of the hulk and black widow"
#2 "No"
(searches on google "Hulk and black widow gif")
#2 "Nothing that funny here"
#1 No this is a bing moment
by MarkiPoli July 07, 2015
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