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An alternative way describe being in a constipated state. A Binder Knot is a clogged colon resulting in severe constipation also known as sewer capped. Having a Binder Knot is usually a result of the lack of fiber combined with ingesting copious amounts of cheese, ice cream and other dairy products medically known to be "binding" and constipating.
Howard hosted a playoff party for all of his Green Bay Packer friends. As part of the game day spread, Howard prepared a smorgasbord including pounds and pounds of various Wisconsin cheeses. After Green Bay blew their chances to go to the Super Bowl, Howard went on an unprecedented cheese eating bender and consumed almost five pounds of ripe Stilton. The next morning he found himself seated on the shitter, grabbing the sides of the toilet and straining to release the biggest Binder Knot he had ever encountered.
by Ben Dribblin January 26, 2015
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