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Am ill minded, complicated, annoying, backstabbing bitch with a very small unnoticeable dick and vagina hidden behind the dick. Probably part of the illuminati. If you talk to them to much they’ll start questioning existence just to be trendy, woke and a hipster. They are also very extra, and I mean EXTRA. Like brushing your teeth with a golf club extra. You will know if they are a binboggleboo as soon as you meet them because they don’t say “hello” like an average person. They say “we come in peace”. You can tell also if they are a binboggleboo if their tits are hanging down to their crotch and they have weirdly noticeable camel toe. The main goal of a binboggleboo is to turn full cannibal and be the last binboggleboo on earth.
You met Janet? She’s a right binboggleboo.
by Iidentifyasfairyliquid July 09, 2018
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