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The one person at every company that sucks at their job and gets away with it. They make excuses for everything and still do not get fired. This person is a piece of shit, lazy as hell, and a liar. They often complain about everything, but applaud management decisions every chance they get. They push off their work on to other coworkers every chance they get. Higher level Bilneazes stink up the entire office with a smell similar to dogsweat and trailerparks.
Man: Holy shit, why did I pick this job...
Woman: What's wrong?
Man From Shipping: I told Bill about this shipment that needed to be moved from this spot 3 hours ago.
Man: Bilneaze strikes again.
Woman: They should just fire his ass.
Man: I agree, but for some reason he still has a job here.
garbage person piece of shit worst coworker smelly retard
by Andy Sapp July 21, 2017
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