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1. The process of being yelled at loudly
2. Beat over the head with a Awesome Auger
3 Getting your intestines ripped out with a Dual Saw
4. Getting your eyes gouged out with a Jupiter Jack
5. Being choked with a Zorbeez
6. Getting your nuts cut off with a Samurai Shark
7. Become blinded by Oxiclean to the face
8. Being knocked out and waking to find a tube of Mighty Putty shoved one and a half feet up your ass and die of anal bleeding.

And that what happens to whom who screws with the mighty Billy Mays.
Cake Assassin- " You hear what happened to Obama?"
Master Hades- "Yeah he got Billy Mays'd the shit out of him, that poor soma bitch"
by Cake Assassin November 25, 2009
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