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Billy Fuehring is a major man-whore. He reels women in with his "smooth talk". But eventually shows his true colors, usually anywhere from three weeks to three months later.
You really don't want to get caught up with Billy Fuehring. You will eventually see that he is dishonest, rude, hateful, and not to mention disgusting in general. (As in: he doesn't brush his teeth or wash his hair.
Don't be fooled by Billy. He will act nice for a month or two. But you WILL find out he is a major fuck up and he's not worth your time.

Billy Fuehring: Hey sexy, wanna go back to my place?

SmartGirl1: Naww I heard you just want pussy.

Billy Fuehring: Not at all, baby.

SmartGirl: Uhhh what the hell did you just call me? (Backs away....slowly...then runs for life)
by SmartGirl1 March 14, 2014
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