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A politician, often of a homosexual persuasion, who is granted political power disproportionate to his/her qualifications in order to execute the Bilderberg Group's world domination agenda.

A bilderbitch can attend Bilderberg meetings, but is not considered a full 'member' due to a lack of significant personal wealth, gold bullion, Queendom's, media empires or international investment banks.

A bilderbitch is thus expendable and prone to being assassinated if they fall out of line.

Bilderbitches tend to be psychopaths as one of the main qualifying characteristics to be a successful bilderbitch is the ability to fake human emotion well enough to convince a retarded electorate that it is genuine emotion, yet feel nothing when destoying the lives of millions of human beings.

Not to be mistaken with bildertard, although both produce similar effects.

Well known Bilderbitches include:

Tony Blair
Baron Peter Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool aka 'Mandy'
Rt Hon George Osborne MP
Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP
William Jefferson Blythe Clinton
Hilldog Clinton
Barack Obama
Herman Van Rompuy
Mandy: Hi sweetie, Its your proxy PM here calling for duty from my Blackberry, on a lilo in the swimming pool of the Rothschilds mansion on their private island in the med. Just listening to a bit of U2 while Reinaldo rubs some factor 30 into my burnt thighs. How the economy darling? Still fucked up?

Darling: Yes my Lord. Inflation has doubled since you inflated your lilo and the FTSE down to the lowest it's been since we invaded India.

Mandy: Jolly good darling. Txt me if we drop as low as the Lib Dems in the polls, but now Reinaldo and I are going to acquire a pedalo and paddle to Lesbos to donate some sperm. If it's a boy we get to keep it, which is nice.

Darling: It's not fair! Why did Gordon choose you to be acting PM and not me? I'm clearly much more qualified and reputable.....

Mandy: Darling, darling do shut up sweetheart! The Scottish mafia can only get you so far up the ladder. If you want to get to the top, you've got to be a bilderbitch, and hunny, you aint ever gonna be no bilderbitch like me.

Darling: Hmmm ok.

When you call me darling are you addressing me or are you flirting?

Mandy: Lol. Why do you care darling? Are you gay too?

Darling: You're a man?

Mandy: Why of course pumpkin, what on earth did you think?

Darling: Well I have trouble seeing anything clearly past my eyebrows so I always just assumed you're some sort of grotesque transvestite woman.

Mandy: Well that says a lot about why you're unfit to be a bilderbitch, you docile cunt!
by Jorvik Ubermensch January 21, 2010
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