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A child that grew up around awesome biker influences. Have gone to motorcyles events since they were a young child. Smart enough to realize that bikers are good people and can tell the difference between the real ones and posers. They can be male or female and can turn out very differently but they realize the magic of riding a motorcyle. You cannot stereotype that they are uneducated or anything like that because biker children can be very successful in life. No two are alike but they can come to recognize each other. Their taste in music is very different but most respect classic rock. Their most important feature is that they will defend the name of a biker to the death and will always feel the need to ride. Love of motorcycles is in thier blood. Very stubborn.
Person #1: That girl is awesome. How'd she get so awesome?
Person #2: She's a biker child; it's in her blood.

Person #1: That girl's got a bike at college. Cool!
Person #2: Yeah, that's cuz she's a biker child. She's so tough too; she walks around campus in the middle of winter with a t-shirt on!
by bikerchild#1 October 04, 2011
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