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The moment that you see a nigr on the streets and avoid him cause he dopey af lookin ass but he packin tho his dick look good so you gotta coppa feel. U walk up to him n try n grab his banana but he too busy pickin hella cotton boi ass so you finna lynch a nig. I beent sayin this dik was prime 4 succ but he deny it the typical nigr move lol amirite? U ultimate lynch the nig and cut off the pepe. U eat the dead nigr pepe ad then u say BIGGNIGGRIGG
Latonqua: yo im a nigr

John: im white and i want ur dik

Latonqua: fam ur gona hav 2 linch ;)

John: yeehaw south will rise again

John: (after tha linch and the dik eating) damn thasssaa BIGGNIGGRIGG!
by yeehawfellerfromdasouth November 30, 2016
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