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1. A more appropriate term for the Big N' Tasty.
Hello, welcome to McDonald's, would you like try a Big N'Nast...OOPS!! I meant to say, Big N' Tasty???
by Aqueas January 20, 2004
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another variation of BigNasty refers to a Big-N-Tasty for McDonald's describes a large person who doesn't seem to know they are large because (s)he wears too little clothes.
"Keva! Did you see BigNnasty at the dance?
No! Thank goodness i heard she looked big and nasty!"
by asmore April 13, 2009
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Big'n'Nasy describes the act of cumming into a womans, or mans mouth then proceeding to shit in their mouth also. After this, you make-out with the person with the cum/shit mixture and swap back and forth swallowing a little of the matter each time until it's entirely gone. Similar to snowballing
Guy1: Dude...I did a Big'n'Nasty with Victoria last night.
Guy2: Yea, I can tell...I can smell the shit on your breath.
by gunut09 March 07, 2009
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