He’s a diamond geezer, a bobby dazzler, a top bloke… expert killer of digital things… wit as sharp as the knife used to cut his arm bobble off… so fun it’ll make you want to shit… has oodles of inner Mugen… is a danger to the older population when donning a swimsuit at the communal pool depends on proximity but lots of high blood pressure and pacemaker malfunctions… natural habitat Quebec party central!

Has a tendency to be very naughty but will behave for bj’s… BUT this is only a temporary measure so will need plenty of follow ups… Is effin HUGE has legs bigger than most people’s entire body… keeps them this way on a squeaky ass exercise bike! (which is kinda cute).

Has a teeny tiny friend who also has a tendency to be naughty but bj’s won’t work as she’s female… it is yet to be determined what makes her behave!

Side note… Is the best fur daddy on the planet
I’m going to Big Fella Chris… BFC the shit out of everything 10 on 10
by MissChips69 December 23, 2021
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