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The Big Dick Champions Club was started by a few men in Georgia circa late 2010. This club is an exclusive club. Most notably, while many may believe that the entry requirement is to have a large member (a common misconception, yet a valid way to join the club). The BDCC is a club that possesses many facets of success and it is available to any if they can perform Big Dick Champion quality deeds to gain admittance. The BDCC houses members who not only possess large members, but those who have performed acts of great valor, bravery, against-all-odds, possessing a quality equivalent to possessing a large penile instrument.

Major Subdivisions
I) Possesing a large member
II) Completing some kind of act of great difficulty in a video game (but not limited to a video game). Such as beating an extremely difficult part on a video game like Dead Space 2. III) Completing some kind of cultural ritual, or surviving some kind of catastrophical event. (Ex: Walking over hot coals, surviving the cliff jumping rituals of African males, surviving a tsunami and or earthquake, etc.)
IV) The easiest, but most selective way of joining the BDCC is by completeing a Big Dick Champion Favor, aka Big Dick favor, aka Big Dick Champeen favor. This could involve anything as easy as fetching a fellow some water who's had too much to drink at a crazy party, to something as hard as escaping a Vietcong water hole using only the rusted blade of a seran wrap box.
The Big Dick Champions Club (BDCC) is a club for only the biggest dick champions.

Hey did you hear the great news? I joined the BDDC last night!

He asked me to suck his cock in order to join the BDDC........I did it.

Can I ask you a Big Dick Favor?
by John "Dick" Clitt February 21, 2011
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