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The Social Butterfly. Has met a great number of people and remembers them all. Loves to wheel and deal. Has a way with words and persuasion. Women tend to believe he is their Knight in Shining Armour not their Dream Lover. Captain Save A Ho of sorts. Which those crying women cause him more trouble than gratitude. He loves to be acknowledged and admired. Loves to challenge others to games of wit or gambling nature. Has a genuine Heart. Do not cross him or play games with his money, because he will make you pay. Not a force to reckon with. As a Lover and Life partner he has yet to know his true feelings run deeper than he can imagine. Until then he is afraid of what he may miss if he commits and settles down. He will make you feel safe and keep you from harm. Needs only to know he is needed and loved Great when he is into his sexual comfort zone. Can make the right one melt with passion. ...
Call Big CC he knows someone who knows someone who probably can get that part for you. But don't try to pull a fast one,
He will put it Down and make you wish you hadn't done
just that.
He will act a FOOL!! Even at your Mamas house.
by Mynameisthesameasitwas December 23, 2012
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