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The group (of Southern Lehigh Students), related to the big blue wrecking crew, that was suspended and faced charges of defiant trespassing for simply camping out in the (closed to the outside) school's courtyard. The cops forced them out of the courtyard in front of hundreds of students and faculty members.

The incident caused an area-wide controversy regarding the students that emailed the press about the story and faced suspensions (which were later revoked).

These 17 kids are true bosses.
Kid 1: "Hey wtf are those kids doing with tents and sleeping bags in the courtyard??"

Kid 2: "Oh those homies are just part of the Big Blue Camping Crew... camping out to get a good laugh. Oh shit, 5-0. Look at those cops coming."

Kid 1: "Those kids are true bosses."
by sl camper June 03, 2009
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