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When something is totally naff (particularly music), and couldn't possibly get by in America, because of it's utter corniness, it is often dismissed by the listener/viewer, saying "Probably big in Asia..."

"Big in Asia" can include Western groups that are too naff to make it in their home countries, as it seems that ridiculously corny acts manage to find a certain degree of success in Asia (presumably for simply meeting the criteria of being Western).

"Big/Huge in Asia" can also serve as a warning: If one of your friends comes to you with some music, or a video, saying "Hey, man - check out this band! They're huge in Asia!", one should know what they're in for, start making excuses & run immediately, to spare themselves the embarrassment.
"Hey, man - check out this band! They're big in Asia!" (That's code for "They suck! They really, REALLY suck!")
by Hjortron March 30, 2011
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