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Big gulp brown out. Often occurs while driving over long periods of time. The sudden urge to drop a deuce comes at the worst possible time. No gas stations in sight, no trees or bushes, and all you have is an empty, xtra large, plastic soft drink cup from 7-11 (BIG GULP). Since you have been prairie dogging for the past 15 minutes hoping there will be a rest stop, there is no time to contemplate other options. Shit in the cup. It takes some skill if you are the driver but it is worth it once accomplished. After shitting in the cup, put the lid and straw back on the cup. Aim at the nearby elderly driver, hag, douche bag, or fag and chuck the dirty bomb out the window "CAREFULLY". Once the bomb has hit the windshield it will explode and cause a, BIG GULP BROWN OUT, similar to a snowy white out. If the bomb is pre planned, the deuce will most likely be more solid, resulting in another similar phenomenon the BIG GULP MUDSLIDE!! the shit wont cover as much area and will be more clumpy resembling mud.
DILROD: Hey man, can we stop somewhere so i can shit.

CHAUNCEEY: No, we are already late. Why dont you shit in the empty big gulp.

DILROD: Ok.......... (hovers over the cup trying not to slip and fall on it) UNNNNGH!!... AAAHhAhahhhhh......EErrRRgGGGhHH.....whew...(wipes ass with sock and puts it in the cup)......what do i do with it now?

CHAUNCEEY: Just chuck it out the window.

DILROD: Ok. I'll aim for that old HAG, we just passed. I think she was driving slow on purpose..................Ready, aim, fire!!!! We have. contact. That was an awesome "Big gulp brown out"

CHAUNCEEY: I think we should enter that into the Urban Dictionary.
by RUGER August 06, 2013
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