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The theory states that women with larger breasts contain more estrogen. (Estrogen is the hormone that makes women feminine. The more estrogen they have, the more feminine they are, i.e. the larger their breasts get.) It claims that because of the increase in estrogen, they are more emotionally unstable, more dramatic, and more insecure. Men that are attracted to big breasted women have to deal with an enormous amount of drama and chaos in their relationships.
Hey dude, have you heard of the Big Tit Theory?

Dude1: Dude how come every relationship I'm in is always so chaotic and dramatic?
Dude2: Don't you usually like to date big breasted women?
Dude1: Yeah, so?
Dude2: Well then the reason why your relationships are always dramatic and chaotic is because of the Big Tit Theory.
by najack60 January 30, 2018
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