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A joke made by Rooster Teeth in the Rooster Teeth Podcast #201.
It comes from a story Burnie Burns (the co-founder of Rooster Teeth) told about Daniel Gruchy (a friend of Rooster Teeth and fellow Youtuber) getting confused about the McDonald's menu, as he thought they read left to right instead of top to bottom, ending with the result "Big Mac Chicken Legend Sundae".
McDonald's Employee: Welcome to McDonald's, what do you want?
Dan: Um...I'll have
McDonald's Employee: We need you to respond sir, you're holding up the line.
Dan: Fine, I'll have a Big Mac Chicken Legend Sundae.
McDonald's Employee: Excuse me?
Dan: What, are they sold out or something?
McDonald's Employee: I'm sorry, I just...just pick something else.
Dan: How about a Chicken Nugget Sausage McMuffin Coca-Cola.
Gavin, who has been standing behind Dan this entire time, calls Dan a "fucking idiot", turns around, and walks away.
by ThatPyro August 21, 2016
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