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Big Kimpin' is a form of pimping which originated somewhere in the East 60's of New Yorks, Manhattan Borough. Kimpin' is about a way of life which many females have adopted, NOT to be confused with gold digging. Big Kimpin' refers to women who "get thiers" (non-ghetto pronunciation) whether it be new clothes and jewelry, or simply playing golf and showing men "whats up." Many Kimpers are unaware of their powers but usually will still use them flawlessly. It is believed that the Alpha Kimp lives in Manhattan but can not be confirmed.
"Look at all those furs and diamonds...shorty is Big Kimpin'"

Joey: I'm the best golfer on the east coast.

Johnny: Couldn't be. I heard Big Kimp is embarassing dudes!

"Kimpin' ain't easy"
by ATL8 January 10, 2013
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