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The opposite of Big Bang. Where the Big Bang is a scientific theory which describes the birth of the universe and its expansion thereafter, the Big Crunch predicts the same universe will at some point collapse in on itself due to gravity forces. The Big Crunch is one possible logical consequence of the Big Bang theory, but no proof so far has confirmed it to be true.
The Big Crunch will undo the effect of the Big Bang, but also make another Big Bang possible
by Mischa Rademakers June 06, 2004
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Dinner was great, sweetie, now I gotta go take a big crunch.
by Stef November 19, 2004
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more than one big crunch; more than one universe's end
The big crunches were part of the sequential geneses, of greatly expanded space.
by Bernard Scrooge August 14, 2016
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