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There are many definitions for a Big Breasted Buffoon.
1 A very short run of the mill type woman with bleach blonde hair and grossly huge breast
2 These types of women are only good for a quick lay.
3 A follower of the crowd
4 Big Breasted Buffoons are easily forgettable
5 They don't always cheat on their boyfriends but will the first chance they gets
6 Not as pretty as they think they are
7 The only attention they receives is for their gigantic breasts which are already starting to sag
8 A loser with nothing going for her, basically white trash
9 Obnoxious and moronic
10 Makes a man's live miserable
11 It would be better for everyone if she would just move away
The big breasted buffoon has never done anything significant with her life. She's getting older and older and the good looks she may have had in her early twenties are quickly fading.

The big breasted buffoon sits on the beach all day in a skimpy bikini hoping that guys will notice her. Sounds pathetic but it's all she's got.

Guy1: "Dude look at that chick with the hug tits. She's kind of hot."

Guy2: "No dude, don't bother. That's Melanie, she's just a conceited, butter faced, Big Breasted Buffoon."
by Justsomeguy75 December 24, 2009
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