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Ugly pointed toe flat shoes, commonly black, worn by big women with no socks and the have a slight lean} to them. Commonly worn with anything, dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. Not very appealing
Girl 1: I'm trying to take a gang of pictures tonight girl so my make up and everything has to be on point, what are you wearing?
Girl 2: I'm wearing what I have on, I just need to touch up my make up and I'm good to go!
Girl 1: I know you don't think you're getting in the club with those Big Bitch 11's} on! Those shits are ugly, no ones gonna talk to you wearing those, the bouncer is not even going to let you in wearing those, go in my closet and grab some heels
by Lu-10'ant Roast-A-Batch July 24, 2018
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