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Biesexuality is a sexual orientation that a certain person has. Biesexual people are into Males & Females, they find both genders sexual, here's an example: "Eugene (From the Buzzfeeds "The Try Guys") is biesexual; therefore, he's interested in males and females."

Some backround: Biesexuality is the letter "B" in the famous "LGBT community".

In the Far East, Africa, and Eurasia - Homosexuality & Biesexuality is considered illegal by law and can be punishable by death.

In Chechnya (It's a republic in Russia) many teens that are suspected Homosexual/Bisexual are assasinated by either their family, or the government that is lead by it's president - Ramzan Kadyrov.

But some legalised Homosexuality/Biesexuality like Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, USA etc. Is considered legal by law.

In Sweden there are people who are very accepting and Sweden is considered "The Super Gay Country".
"In many religions Biesexuality is considered a sin"
by Callindy August 01, 2018
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