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Portmanteau of "Bieber" and "apocalypse"

The ensuing mass of chaos, mayhem and hell that is created when teenage girls obsessed with Justin Bieber turn into mutant, degenerate, blood-sucking zombie fiends.

The most commonly afflicted are preppy bitches that obsess over him.

While such a pandemic and cataclysmic event could probably be solved through peaceful negotiation and proper application of heavy metal,

(Slayer, Megadeth =/= Justin Bieber)

the most effective choice would be sharp and swift retaliation through the use of firearms. Pistol calibers offer the most portability and 30mm offer the most power. The most logical choice would be however a 5.56x45 or 7.62x51mm assault rifle, applied to either the forehead or base of skull.

Consult your nearest metalhead, headbanger, or skinhead for Bieberpocalypse preparedness advice.
Jim: Dude, did you just see that chick? She used to listen to Justin Bieber and now she's a fucking zombie!

Bob: Holy shit bro, it's the Bieberpocalypse.

Andre: Both you niggas get in my car. I got a few Metallica CDs and a Tec-9. Ain't no zombie taken over my KFC!
by Magnum Mayhem November 28, 2010
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