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A cross between the philosophies of Buddhism and the practices of Wicca. In both Buddhism and Wicca, nature and the universe are all powerful beings. In the original Buddhism, founded by Siddhartha Gautama in India, it was said that no one should worship the Buddha, that he was merely a teacher of the universal way, and that there can be many Buddhas. In Wicca, there is a God and Goddess who represent the male and female aspects of nature, and so in essence, they symbolize the worshiping of nature. The fact that both Buddhism and Wicca lack an actual deity to worship, make them similar. Wicca has the rede, but outside of that, there are no extensive writings and stories compared to the Dhammapadra and so it would make sense that a Wiccan would want to adopt or model these tenets. Both Buddhists and Wiccans respect and worship nature and also create altars to show reverence to the universe. Both believe in karma and reincarnation and merge together beautifully.
Wiccan: "I really love everything about Wicca but it lacks a set doctrine outside of the rede. People seem to make up a lot of the rules as they go along, I want something more solid to go by morally and spiritually."

Buddhist: "Well, being that Buddhists and Wiccans both meditate, love and respect nature and can even find psychic powers and magic through attaining the highest levels of meditation, why not merge the two?"

Wiccan: "Excellent observation! We shall call it Bicca, and those who practice it can be called Biccan, not to be confused with the mean word Biccan.

"If you cannot decide between Buddhism and Wicca, and you love both, you can practice Bicca and become a Biccan.
by Youneek February 09, 2013
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