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A place in the country of Croatia on the Dalmatian coast line approx 10km from the centre of Zadar, it is a buetiful little town by the sea, rich in its tourism and great hospitality by its locals.

they have also known for being hardcore fanatics the people from this town have struck fear into the eyes of many over the years and have a reputation all over the world as people not to be fucked with, you will find some one who has a story about the mighty town bibinje.

given the nick name of "bibinjac" mostly to the men of this town, they have a crazy element about them especialy if they have been crossed in he wrong way, its a well known fact especialy within the city of zadar not to get on the bad side of anyone from this town as the reprocussions will be felt 10 fold.

otherwise its a beutiful little town and definatley worth the visit
dont fuck with him hes from Bibinje.

nemoj ga jebat, hes a "Bibinjac"
by Zeljko99 March 23, 2009
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