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Bi Dog is a slang word for exactly what you think. A shitfaced bisexual of course. These puppies might try to confuse you with lies about their age, gender, and even sexuality. Their ages vary from 9 to 15 years old, anything above that age is depicted as a sad ass manchild. Most of the time, they will easily get offended or triggered if you unintentionally tease them. This will make them mad, but of course, they make a mountain out of a molehill and pretend to have depression. Even worse than that is sometimes, they make shitty animations involving furries, false depression or anime, and or talk about their feelings about how "tragic" their lives are. All of this nonsense is bait for exactly what you think. ATTENTION!
That faggot on youtube is lying about their sexuality, what a bi dog!
Bi dogs are everywhere, acting like their special snowflakes.
A bi dog just ranted about me!
by Froggydude May 07, 2018
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