A guy with gawgeous curls and eyes like the mediterranean sea, some call him Zeus but I call him Sebastian.

All the ladies swoon over him until one day an evil monkey witch sees him flirting in the distance and she get's jealous, sooo incredibly jealous. She decides to put a curse on him so that whenever he lusts over another woman, he will turn into a bhut jolokia. All the ladies laugh at him as he becomes a big ol red bhut, poor thing.

Then one day a lady falls in love with him, she sees him not as a bhut but for what he truly is, a man. They kiss and BAAMM a chef picks him up and puts him in his curry. That man is known as Gordon Ramsey.
Chef 1: Hi, sir. I present you my dish. Enjoy.
Gordon: What the bloody hell do you call this?! THERE'S NO BHUT JOLOKIA U FOOL
by OfficialFelicityjones November 23, 2021
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