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'Bhavvinking' - also 'Bhavving'. Verb. A term commonly used when the Bhav of your group; that is the quiet and patient guys' guy, loses his cool and uncharacteristically unleashes a torrent of abuse to the shock of those around him.

Usually, there is a known limit of his tolerance that can be pushed by his peers: The Bhav Tolerance, or the Metro limit. The aim is often to push this patience limit past its maximum and a key key way to notice when this limit is reached is the nervous / furious quivering of the lower lip at the onset of his speech. It is VERY important to then keep trying his patience further with a variety of methods which you should know will annoy or frustrate (even sexually if desired) the Bhav.

The result will be that he will start Bhavviking: The decibels dB of his voice will double and all of his life's issues will pour out at those around him, scaring them into submission and possible tears.

This term is often applied to other nouns, not only humans - please refer to the examples below.
Following a standard rant which no one is following / cares about: 'Woah pro, stop Bhavviking so hard!' :(

Following the sudden loud noise made by the fan on your laptop / pc - 'Brother upgrade your pc, its Bhavviking out big time, I can't think straight!;

A bad sports team very suddenly start winning and playing well against a pro team - 'Wow QPR are really bhavviking crazy in the second half!'

Two buses come at once after a loong time- etc etc make some yourself its fun :)
by Renzodawg May 15, 2013
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