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A 'beunte' (pronounced bwen-tay) is a slang term for a spliff, joint, or jazz fag, a roll-up cigarette with marajuana added to taste. This term originated in the North-West of Italy, in a region named Aosta Valley. Its exact conception is unknown, though popular opinion dictates that it was derived from the Italian word 'bue', or ox. People native to the region would smoke the tail hair of their catch in order to achieve a sensation said to be reminiscent of a marajuana cigarette. The term now is popular in the York, Liverpool and Nottingham areas of the UK, where its use is prevelant throughout the youth of the cities.
"Hey Johnny, is that a beunte?"
"Yeah Steve, it's a real spicy stick-o-spliff this, ya w'own sup?"
"Damn man, you know what's up, I'm always down with a jazz fag!"
"Son you crazy, that's some hydroponic witch-craft shit!"
"That greezy bo-dayga goin' straight to ma dome!"
"Night night J-dawg, I'll see ya when the sticky-icky-icky's ridden out! Peace!"
by Mike Hill February 07, 2007
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