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Better Life Industries (or BLI) are a global corporation who will take over the world (practically) in 2019, lead by Korse, who is fighting the Killjoys in their battle for freedom. They will force everyone on to drugs and medication so no one has thoughts or feelings anymore. They also have regular intervals during television slots to hypnotize the public into an ever deeper trance by using phrases such as 'the aftermath is secondary' and 'have you taken your meds? today'.

Usually this 'gang' wear masks, so everyone is the same, yet they're all in white, yet like the killjoys they all have different names. The killjoys have imaginative names, based on themselves, where as in BLI, as they're all the same, their names are numbers such as '002344'.

Even though they are seemed as much more powerful in the future, the killjoys always seem to fight back somehow, getting more and more 'Killjoys' to fight back at them, trying to make the system fair and equal for everyone.
Watch 'Sing' and 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)' by My Chemical Romance on youtube for more information about Better Life Industries.
by AhhLii June 28, 2011
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