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Best Bæs are TRUE FRIENDS, you know when you find your Best Bæ, I know I did... Once you found them, they are permenetly stuck with you till the end, even when you try to be mad at them, you know you can't... There just to amazing to stay mad at... To show them you love them and appreciate them an EXTRA LARGE STARBUCKS!!! With TWO straws, cause come on if is she is you Bestie you have tons of things in common, even at least one Starbucks, so share an ACCOPLISHMENT DRINK, because you know it was DESTINY that you two met... You guys were meant to be Destined as FRIENDS, because you kew your Mom couldn't handle you two as SISTERS...

To all Besties every where, Ciah M.
Best Bæs*#1: Hey want to share a Starbucks?
Best Bæs*#2: Duh have you met me?!?
Best Bæs*#1: Yeah I'm your Bestie! ;-) :-P. :-*
by Ciah M. January 10, 2016
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