(1) one who is the favorite of all your fish, even though chances are she is your only fish (2) one who would like to buy a boat and sail around the world with you (3) one whose favorite songs are....Babygirl by Sugarland and Boondocks by Little Big Town (4) one who dines on mall flowers as you watch nearby (5) one who you write beautiful and original music with, a capella (6) one who completes the toe-fish-fish triumverate (7) one who enjoys playing with pollies (8) one who likes male planes (9) one who does full-length ad lib musicals with you in the kitchen (10) one who was, and is, and always will be the very best fish in the world
Here comes HWills with her Best Fish. Wow...they look good. Why do I even try?
by RileyLuver4Ever January 12, 2011
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