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The word "Costumer" comes from greek which is transalated into "retard". These human like creatures come into best buy complaining about life and bitch about everything. They think they know more than the sales person while what ever they say is wrong. Some of them tend to be brain dead and beyond retarded. While only 3% of these things are smart the rest is hopeless. They tend to bitch and say "im going to circiut city"... while employee's could give less of a shit. These things could survive could snowy, rainy, and the most horrible weather conditions for electronics.
They could stand outside in the colud over 10 hours and have fun.
German, irish, american, and french scientists have been trying to find out what makes them so "stupid" and "braindead". "They seem to not have a life, and mostly smell bad" said Dr. Xavier.
Best buy Costumer: Do you have the new chip chapulus?

Employee: What exactly is that?

Costumer: Its a CD! You should know your product!

Employee: (another retard)

The costumer(aka retard) assumes that the employee's are robots that can memorize 12,000 CD's and know every one of them since they work there.

Costumer: Do you work here?

Employee:(No shit dumbass) yes how can i help you.

Costumer: This keyboard costs alot i want the adapter free.

Employee: (Uh.. ok)Sorry thats not possible.

Costumer: WHAT! I bought a 42" TV and...20mins of bitching... and i bought a dvd yesterday and this is what i get! i want a manager.

Employee:ok(what a idiot)

Manager: Hi, how can i help you?

Costumer: This employee is telling me .....another 20mins of bitching.... and that i cant ge the adapter.

Manager: yea he is right, it is not possible to give it for free.

Costumer: Fuck this im going to circuit city and enver shopping here.

Employee: bye(finally)

what happens is that the costumer comes in the next day like nothing happend.

by Il Papasito February 24, 2009
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