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High school based in the town of Duns in the Scottish Borders. Shortened down to BHS. Has four inter school houses - Scott, Home, Douglas and Clark.

It has around 800 students, social breakdown:

- Chavs, most who go to the Borders College to study hairdressing or beauty therapy. Usually are texting other chavs while supposed to be revising for Access 3 maths.

- Dingers, native people from Duns which most are related and think themselves superior to other people. Will never leave Duns and will work there until they die.

- Wannabes, the people that desperately want to be liked. Usually ones that are picked on. Can be easily identified by their fashion which is 'trying to be cool' but is always cringe worthy.

- Barbies and kens, AKA plastics. Play hockey and rugby every week to make them feel they are top of the social hierarchy. Make up, hair gel and adapting uniform to make it as slutty as possible is their goal in life. Ridiculously stupid rich kids.

- Geeks, often people who took Higher Music in 4th year. Split into the β€˜nice ones' and twats'. The nice ones are genuinely lovely, popular people. The 'twats' are snobby, rude and arrogant and see them selves above all students and teachers.

- Decent people, belong to everyone and are not classified in one clique. Are the favorites of the year who are often a person who speaks to everyone and is just incredibly normal.
Student one - "Yeah I used to go to the Berwickshire High School"
Student two - "Bloody hell, you a dinger then?"
Student one - "Fuck off am I hell!"
by englishgeek646 December 22, 2010
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