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Australian tennis player who was prodigised to be the next patt rafter for Australian tennis fans. Also knows as Tommy the 'tank' engine as he was accused by John McEnroe of tanking his match against Andy Roddick in the US Open in 2012. After two years in the spotlight of world class tennis tournaments, he has not achieved a single grand slam (while Leyton Hewitt at his age had archived 7 major titles, including Wimbledon) and continues to act like he's bigger than Jesus. He was recently arrested in Sydeney for drunken and aggressive behaviour, while being subdued he reminded the cops of 'who he was' and that they were plotting hate campaigns against him.

He lacks the respect of most Australians.
Aussie 1: Did you watch Bernard Tomic play Federer last night?

Aussie 2: No, I've lost interest in that guy, no one respects him anymore.

Aussie 1: Yeah, his blonde girlfriend was there though... She's pretty hot
by TennisTruths November 01, 2012
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