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Founded in 1960, Berkeley Preparatory School is a coeducational college preparatory day school, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, serving the Tampa Bay area. Our Lower Division is comprised of grades Pre-K through 5, our Middle Division includes grades 6 through 8, and our Upper Division is comprised of grades 9 through 12. Traditionally, 100% of Berkeley's graduates continue their education at four-year institutions. In 2004, 74% entered out-of-state colleges and universities. Berkeley's total enrollment is 1192, with 499 students in grades 9-12. Scholarship funding is available.

The 64 acre campus is located in the Town and Country suburb of Tampa. It consists of classrooms, a fine arts wing, two libraries, general convocation rooms, physical education fields, a pre-kindergarten and kindergarten wing, and administrative offices for Lower, Middle and Upper Divisions.

Our athletes can participate in two gymnasiums, a wrestling/gymnastics room, a weightlifting room, a rock-climbing wall, a stadium (for track meets, football and soccer games), baseball and softball diamonds, tennis courts, and a junior Olympic swimming pool.

Our arts program was enhanced in 1997 with the addition of the 634 seat performing arts center which also includes a gallery for our visual arts displays, a flex studio for both dance recitals and small drama productions, dressing rooms, and an orchestra pit.
Berkeley Prep is a fine institution of higher learning.
by Joe Merluzzi April 30, 2005
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a school full of stuck up assholes and gays that care more about their uggs and maxi skirts than their grades. the guys are generally queer in their wardrobe choices. for example: vineyard vines, and the guys even unfortunately wear designer brands like gucci, louis vuitton, and burberry. the girls make sure that the others know that they are better than them. if you don't have an iphone and BMW, you don't belong at berkeley.
"When I took my range rover to the shop, I spilled starbucks on my vineyard vines."
"Oh, you must go to Berkeley Prep."
by Steinbrenner asshole October 14, 2013
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One of the most mismanaged schools in the Tampa Bay Area, Berkeley Prep is an institution whose administrators are incompetent. Administration frequently chooses to waste tuition money on stupid stuff, like a big-ass pre-K with a 2 story playground, or 15 3D printers, which students do not use, instead of investing the money in quality teachers. Berkeley Administration no longer chooses teachers by their teaching ability, rather, they hire teachers sound extremely qualified, but are unable to teach. Such teachers include teachers who've taught in universities, taught internationally, have all sorts of advanced degrees, yet somehow the best teachers at the school happen to have the least advanced degrees, and not look super impressive on paper. It is a private school where students pay 25000 dollars per year, yet the administration frequently attempts to guilt rich parents into donating stupid amounts of money on top of tuition. Such donations can reach millions of dollars, and they name a building after you if you donate a lot of money. With such high tuition (Many universities are cheaper), Berkeley Prep should not require donations, yet they incessantly hound you down, pressuring you to donate more money.
Berkeley prep is the most mismanaged school in Tampa, Florida, with incompetent administrators.
by uuuuuuuuggggg May 22, 2018
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