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-noun; The belief in dimitar berbatov. A new religion centred around the manchester united striker dimitar berbatov, a player who plays the beautiful game like no other; art, touch, grace, and a dash of improvisational flair combined to make a player of unrivaled skill.

Non-believers (antiberbathlicists) will argue that he is lazy due to his languid, laidback style, believers will tell you that this is simply his style and his touch, vision and ability to produce pieces of magic that others can only dream of set him apart from any other footballer.

Dimitar Berbatov has declared himself a loner, a perfectionist and an art lover. He is truly an enigma, a genius, a god walking amongst mere mortals and so a religion has been created in his honour.
Ignorant Fan: "Berbatov is such a lazy player!"

Knowledgeable fan: "You ignorant fool! His first touch is sublime, he is tactically aware and scores unbelievable goals, im even a member of Berbathlicism because the man's pure genius"
by dj lindog December 04, 2010
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